About Us

Welcome to Film Premiere Live Beta!

At Indie Shorts Mag, we have always strived to help indie filmmakers find their deserving platform. And, we are happy to announce the launch of the beta version of Film Premiere Live!

Film Premiere Live is a platform for filmmakers to release their films online much like how they release it in the physical theatres.

In short, our Film Premiere Live will be a virtual theatre that will come with daily shows, festivals, private shows, and more. We will be showcasing 1 film every week*, and that could involve repeat shows/new films depending on the viewer’s demand. For the start, it will only be short films and documentaries that are less than 60 minutes in duration that we screen. But, in the near future, our platform intends to release feature-length films too. Details to follow soon.

We would like to thank our early viewers and filmmakers for supporting us.

Upcoming Features: 

  • Viewer notification (SMS/Email/WhatsApp/Browser notification before a show begins)
  • Request and vote for a film (Viewers can request for a show and also vote for requests from others)

More features to follow soon!

Thank you again for your support.

- Film Premiere Live Team @Indie Shorts Mag